Jack Greenfield will chair the International Workshop on Software Factories at OOPSLA in San Diego, CA in October 2005. Workshop details and material will be found here and can be downloaded as a pdf file from here.

Bridging the MS/DSL Tools and the Eclipse Modeling Framework
Jean Bézivin, Guillaume Hillairet, Frédéric Jouault, Ivan Kurtev, William Piers
Cardinality-Based Feature Modeling and Constraints: A Progress Report
Krzysztof Czarnecki, Chang Hwan Peter Kim
Business Process Platforms and Software Factories
David S. Frankel
Role of Domain Ontologies in Software Factories
Pavel Hruby
Improving MDD Productivity with Software Factories
Benoît Langlois, Jean Barata, Daniel Exertier 
Architecture Analysis in Software Factories
Sandeep Neema, Jason Scott, Gabor Karsai 
Designing and Implementing an HL7 Software Factory
Mauro Regio, Jack Greenfield
Concepts for Model­Driven Design and Evolution of Domain­Specific Languages
Uwe Zdun
Enterprise business application product line as a model driven software factory
Vinay Kulkarni, Sreedhar Reddy

Jack Greenfield and Keith Short gave a tutorial on Software Factories at OOPSLA 2004 and JAOO 2004 (http://www.oopsla.org/2004/ShowPage.do?id=Home, http://www.jaoo.dk/index2.jsp).